Our next exam date is Saturday, June 23, 2018 - 8:00 AM

In order to obtain your certification through Pennsylvania Act 235 and then to be eligible to work as an armed security professional in PA, you must enroll in a 40 hour PA Act 35 lethal weapons training class that teaches the Pennsylvania State Police mandated training curriculum.

The Law Enforcement And Security Officers Training academy is a professional school in Philadelphia that offers the 40 hour Act 235 class at convenient times for your convenience. LEASOT Academy will offer you professional training, and treat you like the professional you aspire to be.

However, before you are deemed eligible by the State to take the PA Act 235 class, you must apply to be accepted into the PA Lethal Weapons Training Program.

For more information on the steps you must take to apply to the Pennsylvania Act 235 lethal weapons training program, visit Act235Testing.com.

NOTE: In Pennsylvania, you cannot use your personal license to carry firearms for any employment that requires you to carry a firearm. The PA license to carry firearms is for self-defense only. For any type of armed employment, you have to be Act 235 certified through the Pennsylvania lethal weapons program.


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